Jane and Mary Don't Subscribe to A Butch-Femme Binary

I have not personally suffered from any of the bullying or harassment that the women in the documentary have faced for not conforming to strict butch-femme rules, but I am familiar with personally struggling with how I present as a bi woman. Although I lean more towards “femme”, I at times worry that I am not “femme” enough in how I present or perform because of my lack of make-up or because of who I am attracted to. I remember how years ago, when I first began to realize I was bi, a former crus

Let's Get Clear On Intersectionality

Thus, intersectionality, first and foremost, is a theory for black and brown women. By extension, intersectionality has also been used to look at how gender and race work with other minority experiences, such as disability and sexuality. As essential as it was for the March for Our Lives to be well-represented demographically, physical representation doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the concerns of particular people are ideologically represented. Wide representation isn’t the same as intersec

We're Not All The Same: Rose McGowan's Feminism and the Myth of the Normal Woman

McGowan’s past and present actions in erasing or minimizing the experiences of women different from her suggest that that, despite the campaign’s origins as one birthed from black women and girl’s experiences of sexual harassment and assault, the place of women-led campaigns such as the #MeToo movement ought to center and privilege the experiences of one kind of woman: white cisgender women. The issues that concern other women might be considered… but only if they are seen as relatable to white

"These Songs Are For Me": An Interview with SueAnn Shiah

The first location we went to was a public park. So we were trying to figure out what part of the park to dig from because it’s so large, and it occurred to me that we should just find the biggest, oldest tree that we can. We find it, and I start digging the soil and putting it into the jar. We’re kind of awkwardly going through this process. We know we’re supposed to dig the dirt and honor somebody’s memory who was forgotten. And we decided to circle up and pray and sing a little bit, and peopl